No. Benefits Description
1 Networking Connect with industry peers via a common platform.  This is for now the only retail association with a common concourse for retailers of all sizes, owners, professionals and other stakeholders.  It provides a fertile ground for exchange of information and knowledge.
2 Online newsletters Stay informed and connected via online newsletters with the latest trends and insights delivered straight to your inbox. The publications and updates include information pertaining to the retail, media releases, links to online retail magazines and others. There will be statutory updates, macro-economic tidbits, news on green retailing and other information made available to members.
3 Research & Resources Download member white papers and MARM’s original research and collaborations with other retail organizations in the formation of a retailing library of resources by the third quarter of the year and once we have reached a thousand members.
4 Webinars Actionable insights help you work smarter. Hear from the industry’s best and brightest without leaving your desk. Sessions will be scheduled on a periodic basis.
5 Advocacy By listening to our members, the grassroots retail voice, MARM will actively secure passage of nationwide retail industry legislation.
6 Speakers’ Bureau Get access to a compiled list of recommended speakers and trainers available to members who need recommendation on speakers for signature events, roundtable meetings, training seminars and workshops. MARM will identify, rate and track speakers on specific retailing domains.
7 Digital Retail Advancing the digital retail in Malaysia through networking and shared expertise.
8 Industry Partners Amongst those who have indicated their participation as our industry partners are:

a) A multinational logistics firm to provide information and advisory services in regards to logistics for the retail industry.
b) A multinational insurance company to provide information and  advisory services pertaining to insurance requirements for retailers.
c) A security consulting firm to offer essential advice on the ‘nuts and bolts’ of physical- and cyber-security management for retailers.
d) Legal firms who will provide preliminary and fundamental advice on contracts, trading agreements, intellectual property etc.
e) Event organizers who provide generic planning lists on a no-obligation basis.
f) Marketing research companies.
g) Banks (to be announced).
h) Universities and colleges.
i) Quizzing organizations.

9 Marketing & Branding The opportunity to showcase and market your company (brand) during some of the events and activities organised by the Association.  MARM will be organising retail quizzes at a national level for all schools in Malaysia and sponsoring members will have huge opportunities for marketing reach and frequency.   A separate quiz will be organised for retail staff of corporate members of MARM.
10 Learning & Development Members are entitled to a discounted rate for courses/sessions organised by MARM. A calendar of trainings will be posted on MARM’s website in due course. There will be training and competency based programs offered and plans are underway to role out a basic certification retail course before the end of 2018. In addition, bursaries will be provided to selected universities.
11 Post-graduate programs (MBA) MARM will provide partial bursaries to selected members who are pursuing a Masters Program at selected universities. This is to encourage lifelong learning amongst its members and in line with the aim to professionalize the retail industry.
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