Malaysian Labour Laws

Welcome to the free online resource for Malaysian Labour Laws. There are a number of labour laws in Malaysia; this site pays particular attention to major ones like the Employment Act 1955, Industrial Relations Act 1967 and Trade Unions Act 1959.

The Employment Act provides minimum terms and conditions (mostly of monetary value) to certain category of workers;
The Industrial Relations Act provides ways for settlement of trade disputes between employers and employees; whereas
The Trade Unions Act regulates trade union registration and the uses of trade union funds.

This site was started by Mr. KL Siew, a retired civil servant who has been working with the Labour Department for a long time. Its main purpose is to provide information on Malaysian Labour Laws that may be useful to the general public.

Through this site, both employers and employees may be able to obtain detailed information about their rights and obligations under the laws; others readers including potential foreign investors will be able to gain some insights into Malaysia’s labour laws and what the labour laws will have in store for them when they come to invest in this country.