Mohan T.

Mohan’s credentials as a management consultant with extensive experience includes amongst others – his appointment as a short-term expert for an EU funded project in Croatia (on building business capacities); as a consultant on special projects for the Special Unit of Innovation, Prime Minister’s Office Malaysia; Lead Consultant for an Innovation Lab for Malayan Railways (KTMB) – a Ministry of Finance funded project led by Global Innovation Research Centre. He was also a consultant for several other medium scale organizations in Malaysia. His experience in management is also entrenched by his previous positions as a Group Senior General Manager for a multi-diversified local conglomerate and as a General Manager of Human Resources and Operations for a household-famed multinational retailer. Mohan leads the Economics Committee of the Malaysian Association of Retail Management.

John Beardsley

John is a highly experienced consultant specialising in engineering and quality management. John’s international experience includes the UK, Europe, Malaysia and China. John’s professional career has always concentrated on bringing about transformation and significant improvement to the bottom-line statements for large and small organisations.  His past work focused on engineering and manufacturing sectors and their related business processes. John started his career in the UK with Rolls-Royce Motors, he then moved to the UK Ministry of Defence and subsequently British Aerospace, and then British Nuclear Fuel. With these companies he was involved with design, project management, manufacturing and quality functions. He held a variety of senior positions both technical and managerial. He then partnered with several management consultancies including Napier University, Edinburgh. Whilst with Cooper Standard, he managed quality and cost improvement and customer relationships at their facilities in various parts of the UK and Europe. John is a Chartered Engineer – his academic background is a degree in Production Engineering from Nottingham Trent, University; and post-graduate study of Manufacturing Systems at Brunel University. John serves as an Advisor on Quality Management to the Malaysian Association of Retail Management.

Dr. Michael Lim

Dr. Michael Lim has extensive experience in the field of security management. He currently teaches Personnel Security Management at International Islamic University for the Master of Protective Security Management. He is a Certified Security Culture Practitioner (CSCP). He is an Associate Editor for Journal of Public Security and Safety, Institute of Public Security of Malaysia (IPSOM), Ministry of Home Affairs. His current research focuses on behavioural and organizational aspects of information privacy and security. He is particularly interested in understanding cultural influence on users’ behaviours and developing necessary tools to help them protect organizational information. He has a Ph.D. in Information Security Culture from the University of Melbourne, Australia. He also holds a MSc, in Computer Science from the University of Putra, Malaysia and in Master of Business Administration (E-Commerce) from the Charles Sturt University, Australia. Dr Michael Lim serves as an Advisor on Cybersecurity to the Malaysian Association of Retail Management.

Dr. Ripan Kumar Saha

Dr. Ripan focusses on innovation, entrepreneurship and business strategies of organizations. He has more than 15 years of experience in consulting services. He is highly proficient in data analysis techniques using various software Asha like – SPSS®, AMOS, Smart-PLS and Power BI to undertake most type of business analysis. He collaborates with the management of organizations to address issues of strategy, conflict management, communication, organizational alignment, performance improvement and innovation. His primary role is to assist organizations in innovating, transforming and connecting their people to organizational strategies. His academic credentials include an MBA and Ph.D. from University of Malaya. Dr. Ripan spearheads the Business Innovation Committee for the Malaysian Association of Retail Management.

Simon P. Fruen

Simon specialises in risk and change management programs through SCM and in growth markets for fast growing consumer goods, retail, health care and industrials. He leads teams to deliver process and digital excellence in all supply chain management functions. He advises organisations to be proactive and execute positive changes through the mechanics of cost-rationalization, effective customer service, mobile and cloud solutions, robotic automation, improving systems architecture, cloud servers, API, data structure & repositories, applications and RPA. He is also proficient in Adapted ‘ITIL’ and ‘Prince 2’ – aligning to company expectations and standards for pragmatic success. He has completed over 20 significant projects for blue chip companies across Asia Pacific covering areas such SC Digitalisation, SC Optimisation, ‘cost-to-serve’, warehouse designs, large build implementations at greenfield and brownfield sites. Simon heads the Supply Chain Solutions Committee for the Malaysian Association of Retail Management.

Dr. Jagdev Singh Grewal

Dr. Jagdev Singh Grewal is an IT enthusiast. He is a co-founder of City Labs also known as CADD Training Centre (M) Sdn Bhd, City Job Corner Sdn Bhd and Global Centre for Industry 4.0. He is currently officiating as C.E.O/Senior Research Leader and has worked in the computer industry for about 20 years, of which 5 years is in India and has performed the roles of Consultant, Programmer, C.E.O., CMO, Training Manager, Technical Trainer, Lecturer and Programme Manager. Dr. Jagdev is currently involved with a number of IT projects with government-linked companies. He has worked in companies like NIIT India, Punjab Health System Corporation, Punjab Technical University, Unitar, Cosmopoint Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College, Olympia Group and Apylon Sdn Bhd. He has also written a manual on Visual Studio 2010. Dr. Jagdev heads the IT committee of the Malaysian Association of Retail Management.

Vignesh Kumar 

Mr. Vignesh Kumar (VK) has been a corporate consultant since 2007, specializing in the areas of Sales, Customer Service management, Retail Management, Debt Collection Management, Automotive Management and Customer Relationship Management. VK has gained experience by working with organizations like Harvey Norman, Proton Edar, Sungei Wang, Nationwide Express, UPS etc. VK has extensive sales, customer service and senior management experience in retail, automotive and logistics industries. This vast experience of his helps provide his clients with practical but yet effective solutions especially in the areas of sales and customer satisfaction management.