Product Description

Learn Methods That Can Help You Effectively Handle Difficult Customers
Achieve Customer Service Conflict Resolution Excellence!

Programme Overview

This 2-day course on dealing with difficult people will empower you with the set of skills essential for handling difficult people – internal or external customers, confidently and constructively. Learn to recognise and respond to the tactics difficult people use, whether it is at work, in customer service environments, or even at home.

In this dealing with difficult people course, you will see how maintaining your personal power when dealing with aggressive strategies such as bullying, shouting or public put-downs and criticism can help you to carry yourself professionally and confidently. You will also be able to try out tactics for handling passive behaviours – such as chronic complaining, emotional blackmail or playing ‘victim.’ Also explore ways to manage passive-aggressive tactics such as sarcasm, back-stabbing and rumour-mongering.

Customers these days are more well-informed of their rights and needs – so being merely courteous is definitely insufficient. Being savvy in managing customers’ expectations, fulfilling their needs, and building a strong bond with
them is vital for your business, and sanity!


Learning Outcomes

This course equips you with practical tools for dealing with difficult and manipulative behaviours and conflicts through theory and practice. You will discover why people are different, and how you can get along with them by understanding their respective personalities through the DISC Personality Test. See how you can manage your relationships by being positive and tactful by participating in role plays and simulations which mirror the types
of reality you face at work, in the social scene as well as at home.


Learn how to:
• Handle the fight or flight reactions which prompt difficult behaviour
• Stay calm when handling challenging people
• Speak up assertively in tough situations
• Respond to the dirty tactics some people use to gain power over you
• Use framing two elements of positive communication for responding to difficult behaviours
• Handle aggressive and passive-aggressive behaviours assertively


Training Objectives

  • Understand how to engage any customer personality type in any customer service environment
  • Be empathetic in sales or service recovery sessions
  • Manage challenging and distressing scenarios with confidence, tact and professionalism
  • Project a customer-friendly persona that aims at building good will and a positive rapport with customers
  • Master techniques and tools to improve inter-personal and positive communication skills



A Master holder in the Teaching of English as a Second Language (TESL) from the University of Malaya, Selina Rogers, has been in the field of education and training for the past 24 years. She holds certificates in Power Writing and Effective Supervision from Arizona State University, USA.
Selina has been conducting various ESP (English for Specific Purposes) programmes such as English for Hospitality and Tourism and Power Writing Tools for Business Purposes as well as Technical Writing in English. With her qualification in Effective Supervision, she also had the opportunity to conduct training on Supervisory Skills to staff of hotels such as Mutiara Beach Resort, Penang and The Andaman, Langkawi. Selina has compiled numerous modules as well as conducted training on Business English, Business Etiquette and Professional Grooming as well as Business Communication to professionals from various multinational companies.

Having conducted a wide spectrum of courses related to Customer Satisfaction and Customer Experience, Selina is a firm believer in making her training modules ‘alive’ through the use of role-plays, simulations, brainstorming sessions, and real-life problem-solving scenarios where participants are able to personally experience and relate with. Selina was also a teacher-trainer in several national universities where she introduced TESL Methodologies to in-service teachers. In 2012, she became a Test Administrator for the Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS). In 2014, she was certified as a NLP (Neurolinguistics Programming) as well as Neuro-Semantics Practitioner.


EARLY BIRD FEE @ RM2500 by 30 June 2018
TRAINING FEE @ RM2600 after 30 June 2018
GROUP FEE @ RM7350 for a group registration of 3 delegates from the same organisation

Date    : 30 & 31 July 2018
Venue : PARKROYAL Hotel Kuala Lumpur

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