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[STATISTIC] Forbes Reports That 80% Of Businesses Fail Within The First 18 Months

Why do so many Entrepreneurs seem incapable of launching and running a successful long-term business?
It’s not because they’re incompetent. In fact, the truth is quite the opposite. Most people who start their own businesses are very intelligent, daring, courageous, and ambitious.

So, what’s really creating the failure?

For starters, Entrepreneurs are at a disadvantage from day one. No matter who you ask, everyone has this perception that becoming an Entrepreneur is very risky. Thus, an Entrepreneur starts with the preconceived belief that they will most likely fail. Because of that perception, many Entrepreneurs are already prepared to fail. That, of course, is a big problem.

The second problem is that, from day one, Entrepreneurs are taught all the wrong reasons why so many Entrepreneurs Fail.

Some of the most common reasons cited by major publications as to why Entrepreneurs fail are:

  • Not enough cash or cash flow
  • Product didn’t have a market
  • Not a good business model
  • Issues with pricing and cost
  • Poor marketing
  • Ignoring customers
  • Bad timing
  • Not pivoting in time
  • Lack of focus

What If You Could Launch A Proven System So You Can Generate More Of The RIGHT Leads, And Convert Them Into New Customers?

Discover The 5 Game-Changing Business Strategies In This Workshop:

  • Rapid Results Formula. Applying this will immediately speed up transition from being a Business Operator into a Business Owner.
  • How To Attract New Customer To Your Business ( Without Being Sleazy, Pushy or Manipulative). What most businesses do is PUSH method which is not Scalable and Tiring. Discover how to deploy PULL method used by 2% of top BUSINESS in the world to attract raving fans.
  • Discover How To MAXIMIZE Your Productivity & Create Time Freedom For Yourself.
  • Breakthrough Coaching. You Will Work With Highly Trained Facilitators to Discover What Works in Your (Aspiring) Business and Multiply the Results.
  • Discover How You Can Turn Economic Shifts into Opportunities Rather Than It Being an Obstacle.

By End Of The 5 Hours Workshop, You Will Discover:

An Actionable Plan That You Can Implement To Grow Your Business.

How Anyone Can Be A Successful Entrepreneur.

Mistakes That 98% Businesses Make And How You Can Avoid It

Why Learn From Cavemen?

An award winning, immersive simulation training company.

Cavemen was founded by six established trainers and coaches with over 30 years of combined experience.

Coming together, they were able to use their experience and training in different techniques such as neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Experiential Excellerated Learning, Ontological Coaching, and Game-Based Training.

All of this has been blended together into a single school of training they have developed called Open-Ended Learning and this is done through the method of delivery they call Immersive Simulations.

Event Details:

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